Our Process and Facilities

Fresh Seafood Door Delivery Service

We follow and conform to the most stringent of norms, protocols, compliances, parameters and standards in our processes, methods, systems, mechanisms and practices in our source to destination with utmost care being taken to maintain freshness and quality of fish and seafood products to meet our promise and resolve of “100% prime freshness”, “fresh 2 doorstep” and “guaranteed freshness delivered” experience.

We have the best of well trained, qualified and dedicated quality control, processing handlers and cleaners, customer care and delivery staff members in our team. Your health is our conscience and hygiene is our personal outlook and objective.
Our handlers, cleaners and quality control staff are provided with disposable gloves, caps, face-masks and aprons for the processing of our products and also undergo regular health checkups, etc.

In view of our most basic focus (as a prerequisite), we have created the best sophisticated and  scientific  practices and environments and have the best and modern facilities, using well trained and qualified handlers and cleaners in the processing of the fresh fish and seafood by use of sophisticated and latest technology and follow the stringent worldwide food safety rules, norms  and protocols like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in our testing and quality control processes in accordance with set standards, parameters and demands and are deeply and totally committed to more than satisfy our customers and clients needs.

Our daily shipping, catching and sourcing are done at safe fishing zones and unpolluted waters as recommended by maritime authorities as well as Indian Fisheries Department and we conform, comply and follow the most stringent of safety and fishing rules, norms and protocols with years of supplying experience.

At no point of time is any mixing of rotten and spoilt catch with fresh and new catch of fish / sea food being allowed to happen in our process which may lead to cross contamination and health risks. Our catch are kept in best quality of ice and kept at optimal temperatures and are protected against UV rays within the launch boat and in thermal insulated boxes at shore at the landing and unloading points.

We have a catch to delivery professional focus and approach with various mechanisms with stringent checks and balances at all stages with proper storage without mixing of various batches of the fresh fish and seafood sourced and procured by us to ensure zero degradation, zero contamination and zero spoilage or wastage at the beginning stages itself.

Our ready-to-cook Fish and Seafood are never frozen at any time from the time of catch till doorstep delivery.

We take great pride and have created and implemented the best sophisticated and scientific practices and environments and have the best and modern facilities in the standardized fish / seafood washing and cleaning process and have perfected flawless cutting techniques by using the best sources of purified fresh water for washing and cleaning as required and best of food-grade industrial cutting and cleaning equipment, tools and machines with dedicated and trained handlers thereby maintaining and retaining freshness, quality and delicacy of the seafood products.

The fish and seafood are immediately in a temperature controlled environment packed by trained and qualified handlers in high quality bags made of food-grade multi layered air-tight shrink packaging materials which withstand 0 to +2 degree temperatures to maintain the freshness and kept in high quality UV protected and thermal insulated high food grade storage containers and further without mixing of various batches stored in clean, hygienic and sealed environment for preservation, retention and maintaining the richness, delicacy and flavour of the product.

We have the best of order placement for processed or unprocessed orders and handling practices with pre-shipment packaging and weight checks (last minute checks) and strong delivery norms and on-road / dispatch norms (last mile checks) to deliver a joyous and satisfactory online shopping experience.

For sustained quality, freshness and hygienic practices we have deployed and employed the best in sealed high quality delivery packaging, UV protected and thermal insulated food storage containers and temperature controlled / refrigerated delivery vehicles with well trained delivery staff members in the best of conditions for products and employees alike to provide happiness in your kitchen.

Our “Facility Management” ensures that our waste disposal is done in environmentally friendly manner and without compromise on hygiene and other working conditions for cleaner and healthier living.

Part of our “Facility Management is our “Cleanliness and Sanitation Process” which ensures that all our facilities and the equipment, tools, machines and work space / area, etc are daily and periodically sanitized through best of intense and rigorous and thorough cleaning process with scientifically and hygienically  applied systems, methods, processes and practices along with hot and cold water wash-downs.

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