Pricing Information

Our Best and Reasonable Rates / Prices for Fresh Seafood:

Did you know? Fish / Seafood are auctioned at landing / unloading points in the wholesale markets.

Take the FABulous “fresh and best” offer.

We do daily fishing and sourcing and immediate same day delivery of our products which are done based on real time market prices and offer best price and rate benefit whenever and wherever available and possible and we do not compromise with quality and freshness.

  1. As owners of fishing launch boats and our capability of self fishing gives as an added advantage to absorb pricing problems and sell at marginally lower than open market rates / prices and to ensure benefits to all and to give the best rate / price benefit to our customers or clients by following the highest of ethical and fair trade practices.
  2. We ensure that we manage the direct catchers to customer / client delivery focus carefully to ensure quality, time and demand management requirements which also help us provide competitive rates / prices.
  3. We are supported by the best of dedicated, networked, associated and empanelled - licensed and certified boat owners, suppliers and fishmongers with years of supplying experience giving us a competitive edge in supplying and delivering at reasonable rates / prices.
  4. We do not bid at common auctions since the premium, top quality and fresh fish / seafood are not available at the landing / unloading point.
  5. We do not deal with brokers, auctioneers or commission agents, which may compromise on the freshness due to the long durations / delays.
  6. We recommend and request our customers and clients to place orders several days in advance thus enabling us to do fresh catching and delivery of products that would more than satisfy our customers or clients needs and surprises in terms of the fish or seafood freshness and quality and the benefits of pre-bookings / Pre-orders.
  7. Contact us for Bulk Order Booking (minimum 5 Kgs) to avail Special Rates / Prices. You may also do bulk Order booking in cooperation with neighbours and friends to avail Special Rates / Prices.
  8. Contact us for Pre Booking of Orders (1 Day in Advance) to avail Special Rates / Prices. offers easy ordering, easy billing, secure and easy payment and timely delivery. We offer best experience and total satisfaction in the online shopping and online order of Fish and Seafood and we do only fresh fish and seafood delivery at your doorstep and at your convenient time.

Kings seafoods does 24/7, 365 days a year, daily fresh fishing, catching, shipping, sourcing and offers all varieties and complete range of fish and seafood at one stop shop. We follow best and hygienic handling and have best management experience of processing option of cleaning and cutting styles for the order to maintain delicacy and proper packaging of the product, and do only daily fresh delivery as per customer / client choice.

Order Now with easy sign-in / login or by calling our Call Centre / Helpline and also have the ease of confirmation calls, SMS and email from us. We also offer a “2 Hour Express Delivery” Service.