About Us

Fresh Fish Home Delivery 

Kings Seafoods was established as a proprietary brand in 2001 and have over the years risen to become a pioneer, reputed and major brand with ISO certifications and conferred with top ranking and best ratings with main office located in Chennai and our other offices, facilities, procurement and delivery infrastructure, etc., are located throughout India.

We are notably experienced in the direct retail, wholesale, online retail, trade, supply and export of a wide range and variety of Fish and Seafood.

We do daily shipping, catching and sourcing on both on the ECR (East Coast Regions) and WCR (West Coast Regions) of Indian shores and at safe fishing zones and unpolluted waters as recommended by maritime authorities as well as Indian Fisheries Department using own launch boats and we conform, comply and follow the most stringent of safety and fishing rules, norms and protocols and have years of supplying experience.
“In Our Ecological / Environmental Responsibility – Save Marine Life Initiative” - We do not approve or practice the immoral and harmful disposal or dumping of non-biodegradable / other waste like fishing nets, equipment, etc into the sea or river systems.

Kings Seafoods are serving, catering and supplying as a top vendor and supplier to a large network of hotels, hotel chains, fine dining restaurants, restaurant chains, clubs, corporate and prestigious groups, star chefs / cooks, catering companies, canteens, including for functions, events, parties and bulk orders, etc., and many individuals compromising of above 3000+ customers and clients in India and abroad and we are exporting from Indian shores to many clients in Asian, Middle East, European Union and other countries and we hold years of experience in the International Markets for marine products and Seafood.

Kings Seafoods has also been supplying to processed seafood industries and companies for the manufacture of long storable processed fish and seafood products like fish oil, fish pickles, dry fish products like fish powder amongst others.      
Kings Seafoods have done approximately 30,000 deliveries to about 1000 of our exclusive and regular customers and clients who offer us their patronage and have come to expect and accept the best level of service and the best in quality and freshness of the product that we offer and deliver. We have the best of well trained, qualified and dedicated quality control, processing handlers and cleaners, customer care and delivery staff members in our team.   Our team takes utmost care to maintain freshness and quality of fish and seafood products to meet our promise and resolve of “100% prime freshness”, “fresh 2 doorstep” and “guaranteed freshness delivered” experience.

Our products have been used and have been instrumental in some world renowned chefs in India and abroad winning many Cookery Awards and Recognitions.

www.kingsseafoods.com offers easy ordering, easy billing, secure and easy payment and timely delivery. We offer best experience and total satisfaction in the online shopping and online order of Fish and Seafood and we do only fresh fish and seafood delivery at your doorstep and at your convenient time.

Kings seafoods does 24/7, 365 days a year, daily fresh fishing, catching, shipping, sourcing and offers all varieties and complete range of fish and seafood at one stop shop.

Order Now with easy sign-in / login or by calling our Call Centre / Helpline and also have the ease of confirmation calls, SMS and email from us. We also offer a “2 Hour Express Delivery” Service.

Vision and Mission:

Kings Seafoods and its team have a very simple ideology and philosophy:
We have a predetermined and an unwavering commitment and resolve with no compromises in being consistent for the best in 24/7, 365 days a year delivery of best of high quality and freshness in seafood at fair and best rates/prices and remain reliable in meeting the quickest and swiftest time demands for delivery at home / doorstep of our customers or clients around the globe wherever humanly possible and earn the satisfaction, win the respect and acclaim of our customers and clients.

We work, strive and are committed to meet and also improve all the best standards and benchmarks in the safety and hygiene parameters in the supply of quality and fresh Fish and Seafood products and we are resolved to reach new heights and create many milestones for the satisfaction and an improved experience for our customers.

We desire and wish to provide our clients and customers a memorable and unique association and continue to look forward to the opportunity to connect with and cater to the needs by meeting our promises on 100% quality, freshness and great food and “memorably cherished moments” for our customers and clients.

Our Motto: Be Aplomb

“Aplomb” meaning to be self assured and composed.

To be constantly different in our approach and customer engagement.
Quality, Freshness and Reliable in products desired.
Never stop at surprising our customers. Keep learning newer delights to offer. Make life’s experiences larger and joyous.
Occupy customer’s mind-space and create appeal by delivery of best satisfaction and happiness. Obtain consent and approval of desires at all times.
Making your Day: 
To be surprisingly delightful and ensuring promises are fulfilled.
Being there for you:
To remain aligned to needs and desires in totality to deliver quality at doorstep.

Our Goals:

We hope and wish to improve at all stages of our endeavor and expect that our endurances and strengths gets tested time and again and our best only gets better each and every time to help provide our customers and clients with a ever changing and improving experience and a heightened happiness quotient.

We give utmost importance to customer or client demands and feedback to help us improve in our commitment and dedication to meet maximum customer satisfaction and forever remain connected to our customers and clients.

Brand Promise:

Kings Seafoods promises to be constantly visible as being the best in the 24/7, 365 days a year service brand in online shopping and delivery of fish and seafood and ensuring our brand is reliably known, accepted and wanted as the best in terms of quality, prime freshness and price of seafood.

Kings Seafoods promises to consistently be the first to mind brand name recall and association being made by customers and clients and the preferred first choice of vendor or supplier of seafood products to our satisfied customers and keep adding to our customer and client list and to earn the satisfaction, win the respect and acclaim of our customers and clients with whom we share a great, unique and a memorable association and relationship that we have build upon and the shared happiness and delight that defines the relationships we forge.

Quality Assurance:

We at Kings Seafoods are pioneers in establishing some revolutionary and innovative quality control processes, methods and systems with some patently path-breaking and unmatched practices to provide maximum nutrition value and 100 % prime freshness in our products thus being conferred with top ranking and best ratings and are an ISO certified company.

Your health is our conscience and hygiene is our personal outlook and objective.

In view of our most basic focus (as a prerequisite), we have created the best sophisticated and  scientific practices and environments and have the best and modern facilities, using well trained handlers and cleaners in the processing of the fresh fish and seafood by use of sophisticated and latest technology and follow and conform to the stringent worldwide food safety rules, norms, compliances and protocols like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in our testing and quality control processes in accordance with set standards, parameters and demands and are deeply and totally committed to more than satisfy our customers and clients needs.

We constantly adapt to changing demands and technologies and keep improving and incorporating newer state of the art and modern technologies in our facilities and innovative ideas in our work culture and practices.