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Welcome to Kings Online Seafood Store

Welcome to Kings Seafoods

We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves to you and are privileged, honored and thank you for selecting and choosing us.

Fresh Seer Fish ( Vanjaram fish), crab, prawns, squid, fresh water fish and all seafood are the best dietary food item for all ages with many health benefits making it simply irresistible and are rich and with high proteins, vitamins and minerals which are packed for maximum nutrition value and a great source of energy and used in the great and delicious Indian and international gourmet food, cuisine and delicacies which we relish and which are prepared in the age old traditional and new age modern recipes and styles of cooking by renowned chefs and cooks and our loved ones, “the great men and women who make our meal so enjoyable, delightful and create some memorably cherished moments”.

Kings Seafoods is an established proprietary pioneer and reputed brand in the dealing of premium high quality live and Fresh Seer Fish (Vanjaram fish), crab, prawns, squid  and all kind of seafood and also ready-to-cook fish and seafood products and possess HACCP standards and ISO certifications with top ranking and best ratings and is the top brand in online shopping and the No.1 online store. We are a top vendor and top on-line fish and sea - food market trader and a top supplier for the best quality and freshness of fish and seafood you can find and best place to buy fish and seafood and order online in Chennai, India and to get delivery of fresh fish and seafood.

Kings Seafoods does daily shipping and catching and gets daily and hourly shipments and we do daily fresh door step and on demand delivery of order and offer a complete range which comprises of all marine and fishery products like seafood and sea fish as well as freshwater fish and other similar fresh water marine products including dry marine products and other marine products. We offer all the types and varieties of important breeds and species of premium fishes and seafood which are highly sought after and in constant demand and those of daily staple consumption including some rare and exotic fish like lobster.

Kings Seafoods are well practiced and have mastered the experience and have a deep understanding in the best practices of fresh catch, handling, management and delivery of fast moving perishables like fish and seafood products, particularly in the ready-to-cook product category and offer and are resolved to provide a “100% prime freshness”, “fresh 2 doorstep” and “guaranteed freshness delivered” experience in the online shopping and delivery of fish and seafood from a wide range and variety of products offered by us.

Given our years of dynamic and in-depth exposure, we at Kings Seafoods have established the best facilities and with utmost care we have implemented  the best of path-breaking and unmatched practices and the best of innovative quality controls in our process, methods and systems in our quest for consistence in the perfection of the art of seafood handling, packaging and delivery and   our aspiration in being the best in the seafood industry meeting all desires for the rich look, feel, aroma and taste of the fish and seafood and in terms of quality, freshness, safety and hygiene and the offer of the best online shopping experience of the online fish market service and fresh fish and seafood delivered by us. is the most simple, well designed and best e-commerce portal offering a unique and great experience of online sea food shopping 24/7, 365 days a year and we are the fastest in free home delivery (2 Hours express delivery service) of Fresh Seer Fish (Vanjaram fish), crab, prawns, squid, fresh water fish and all kind of seafood in Chennai and swiftest and quickest anywhere in deliveries within India and abroad with almost total coverage of Chennai city and in almost all areas of Chennai along with online debit / credit card payment and P.O.S (point of sale) machine payments by card or by cash on delivery (C.O.D). Kings Seafoods is India’s 1st and only No.1 brand in online shopping with 100 % fresh delivery of Fresh Vanjaram fishSeer Fish), crab, prawns, squid, fresh water fish and all kind of seafood products to offer these services for maximum customer satisfaction.

We have the best of well trained, qualified and dedicated quality control, processing handlers and cleaners, customer care and delivery staff members in our team. Your health is our conscience and hygiene is our personal outlook and objective.

The seafood / fish are categorized as processed or unprocessed orders and delivered to the household or doorstep as ordered and required by our customers and clients; fully cleaned and treated and can also processed - customized as per the preferred choice or option and specifications of the cutting style as diced / cubes or slices or fillet, gilled and gutted, whether with or without skin, head or tail and in the mentioned sizes and if required by retaining or removal of head, tail and also deveining of shrimps and prawns.

Some regularly delivered products comprises of Vanjaram fish (king fish), pomfret, bass, barracuda, Malabar Jack or Travally, ladyfish, Japanese Fin Bream Thread,  shellfish, Bombay duck, catfish, herring, mackerel, mullet, pike, trout, tuna, sardines, croakers, ribbonfish, crayfish, cods, shrimps, squids, prawns, octopus, scallops, mussels, oysters,  prawns, lobsters, crabs and many more other seafood, freshwater and other marine products as wished by our clients and customers at Chennai, in India and abroad which are offered at real time market prices / rates.

For us at Kings Seafoods, The Customer is always King (or) Queen and the Fresh and Quality Fresh Seer Fish ( Vanjaram fish ), crab, prawns, squid, fresh water fish and all kind of seafood delivered by us means we remain a king and market leader in the Industry.

We constantly work to create unchallenged Happiness and Delight for our customers and clients that shall Highly Define us for our strengths to remain the best in the market.

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